Vray For Rhino 2.0 SP1 Renders are now Too Bright[solved]

Hi All,
Not a Rhino problem, but perhaps someone here is having similar problems since installing Vray For Rhino 2.0 SP1 which I downloaded on Friday. I’ve tried the Chaos Group Forum and it took me ages to register and find the right sub-forum after which I found out that I could only read posts and not actually ask anything because I don’t have permissions to start my own thread! So I am here instead.
Basically I’ve found that since installing the Sp1 update all my scenes in files which I had saved and used before are now totally over exposed if rendered with SP1 using Skylight and Vray Sun.
After some tweaking I’ve found that the Sun Intensity adjustment seems to have NO effect on the sun (Or scene) brightness whatsoever anymore.
Camera settings work but at such extreme levels that the render just doesn’t look good, and there are hue shifts.
Best solution I’ve found sofar is to reduce the Environment GI skylight and (background) down to 0.5 each, although I still get some excessive blue hue shift on the scene.
Might just un-install and go back to the original Vray 2.0 version (Hope that is possible)
Any advice would be appreciated. Michael VS
Edit: Also Found this PDF listing of the changes and bug fixes the the SP1 has included:
V-Ray-2.0-SP1-Rhino-Features-Improvements.pdf (740.1 KB)

Just a guess, as I haven’t upgraded to SP1 yet, but do you have any spotlights in the scenes? From your link: “Spotlight multiplier changed from 30 to 1”.

Without seeing the 3dm files I can assume it is an issue with using the old gamma methods “Correct LDR textures” and “Correct RGB colors” in the color mapping options panel. The best solution is to use Linear workflow for the time being.

In order to correct your forum issue please email support@chaosgroup.com with your username and license information.

Thanks @matt_newberg ! That was it. Exposures and Colour balances looking right again.
On the Color Correction Tab I switched to Linear Workflow and all is looking as it should again with the original environment settings.
Thanks for the email address. I will email chaosgroup so I can perhaps then post on their forum.
Michael VS