Rhino Rendered view

Using VRay as my Current Rendered.
To adjust XYZ mapping to the wall, I need to preview the render.

In tutorial this is the view of Rendered

My Rendered view

Vray Interactive view

My skylight is on, my display has shadow is on
Vray materials are applied, but the person doing Tutorial also applied Vray materials and can still see the bmp on Rendered view.

Any suggestion to match my Rendered view to the first image so I can do texture mapping in real time?

Maybe changing your lighting for Rendered to default lighting rather than scene lighting might help. You can find this in the Options panel under display settings

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Hi thanks for the reply! I used default lighting but still

Any suggestions?

what exact Rhino version and Vray version do you have?

I have Rhino 6 an latest Vray

I thought only Vray materials would show up as blue and purple. but custom material (with colored texture and bump) made in Rhino also shows up as the same blue. Even I changed the Current Rendered to Rhino Render, the colors and the looks are the same as the pic above.

Have you tried to reset your rendered view settings to default?
exact versions as in for example Rhino 6.13 and Vray 3.60.03 I mean…