Vray annual or permanent licenses?

Hi All,

We need to get more Vray licenses. I’m debating if getting annual subscriptions or perpetual licenses:
Annual Vray for Rhino is $350
Perpetual is $695

Perpetual makes more sense if we know we’ll need them for at least two years ( we do), I just don’t know how much upgrades usually cost. Any ideas? Also any ETA for Vray for Rhino 4? I’d suck to but perpetual Vray V3, and then have to pay for a V4 upgrade.

Any insight will be appreciated,


Since they changed the pricing and plans recently, I guess it will stay like that for a while.
But again, past performance does not guarantee future results… You’ll have to talk to someone at Chaosgroup.

Thanks Marc, I just did. I’m a a time of buying where they can be ‘flexible’ regarding some imminent upgrade so it makes sense to buy then.

Are you using 4 beta yet?

No, for the moment there’s no rendering needs. It’s mold drawing season!

oh God! good luck with that, stay strong :slight_smile:

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Vray for Sketchup is one step ahead of Vray for Rhino. Recently Vray Next(4) was released for SketchUp. The price is slightly higher than VfR 3. (€570 vs €500) Upgrade is €285. If you pay for 1 annual licence and then buy perpetual VfR 4 it will cost you approx the same as buying straight VfR 3 and then upgrading to VfR 4. Or you can go annual all the way but I think it takes Chaos Group longer than two years to release new versions.