Vray or Thea for Rhino

Hi guys!
Does anyone of you has any kind of experince with the two rendering engines?
Would like to hear your opinions couse I wanna get back to rendering process but need to decide wich engine to choose, and plase dont tell me to try them both couse I know that there are plenty of you out there who where in the same situation :frowning:
Thanx in advance.

Anyone? :frowning:

Thea. I can use it with Rhino, SketchUp and Blender. But the main problem with rendering in Rhino is texture mapping - that is why I’m exporting to Blender.

Thanx for the input.
How long have you been using THEA?
I think Rhino has evolved its texture mapping in V5.
What kind of difficulties are you having?

More than a year - but nothing too complicated. For texturing problems:

Spherical mapping bug
Texture scaling
Original texture placement required!
V6 unwrapping teaser

Hmmmmm, see many problems with teturing projection there.
Your overall impression on THEA?
Do you like it?
For what kind of visualization R U using it?
From wich training material did you learn?

I’ve been using V-Ray since 2003. Development is sometimes slow but it never stopped. Still cutting edge and a bright future.
All the available options can be long to master but you have to remember that most never need to be changed, you tweak about five from project to project.

Me too, I agree totally with @Marc. Vray for sure.

Maxwell for developed realistic lighting, but mostly for the amazing texture control through real scale… otherwise NEON!

Agree with ATH about Neon. I would run projects through NEON to see what it can’t do for you. That will give you a better guide to which renderer to purchase - if you need to.

Vray since 2003, great allrounder for professional viz use, realistic lighting (I don’t like the ambient occlusion look of Brazil/Neon) and great speed, good for every day usage

How stable is Vray4Rhino?
Any new version coming out?

I’m using VfR nightly beta for production - quite stable. A new version should be ready … I don’t, maybe in the next weeks. For me the new release will be a big step forward, a lot of enhancements and little new features everywhere.

CAn you tell me what are they new features?
This will be Vray 2.0 for Rhino, right?

It’s very tempting to talk about these new features, but I think we’re not allowed to.
But they’re good!

Right, detailed infos will come from chaosgroup. The core is Vray 2.0.

How soon?

Only chaosgroup know it.