Rendering add-on with perpetual license

Does a decent option exist here? I’ve progressed a little with Rhino’s Cycles but I’m curious what I can achieve with something else. Most have 30 day free trials but thereafter are subscription based. Some are monthly. I’m not the biggest fan of that system but it is what it is.

Is there any decent rendering add-on that has a perpetual license?

I’d look at bella, maxwell, octane, and mavericks.

I like Bella myself because @jdhill is rad and is super responsive and helpful.


Vray sells perpetual licenses RightNow. But it will be removed soon since everyone is going subscription.

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Is Mavericks good for architecture or just product design (or both, preferred).

@keithscadservices right now, Twinmotion is the way to go for rendering imho. Direct link with Rhino too. Not a subscription either :+1:t3:
Have a look here


forget V-Ray, no more new perpetual licenses…

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Thanks milezee. Twin Motion it is. Have to respect their free trial/educational version. It shows a lot of confidence in their product.

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To be honest, sometimes I think that perpetual licenses are overrated (you’ll likely want to upgrade every 4 or 5 years max anyways, so whatever that cost is divided by No. of years…). But let’s face is, subscription fees have crept up to the point where it’s at least twice as expensive, relatively, to operate a computer (on the software end that is). And in my own experience, “subscription” developers tend to eventually become more regressive than the ones who offer perpetual licenses.

V-Ray does have monthly options which would work out okay for me (I’d only render during certain months). But starting and stopping a subscription (or forgetting to do so, like I did with Sketch-up).

yep, they’ve put a lot of development in over the last 3 years or so. Epic Games acquired TM from Abvent a number of years back, so its powered by Unreal Engine, so someone at Epic has seen potential in the architectural and product visualization world and wants a slice of that pie. Yeh give it a try first, lots of tutorials and examples out there to get an idea of what you can do. Happy rendering

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At the moment Chaos will keep only the existing perpetual licenses, it’s no possible to by a new one.

Chaos has increased 75% the price of upgrading perpetual licenses. On the other side, a montly fee (69.90) is twice the annual plan (34.83€ per month).

Sure they’ve calculated everything but…

Twinmotion, Enscape and Lumion make good trees, shrubs, and grass. They are stand-alone renderers that can be synchronized with Rhino. Twinmotion is almost as good as Enscape and Lumion, but much less expensive. Its perpetual license costs $499. Its grass looks good, but it sometimes spills into pavements and sidewalks.

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