V-Ray Next is now officially out

More info here:


edit: Free upgrade for all purchases after 1st Dec 2018.


And with out you mean released? Not out in the way T-Splines are out right?

I think the link answers that question.


Apparently there’s a server problem after updating to Vray Next. I’m among a number of people who can’t get the vray server to work. Saying “Unable to acquire vray for Rhino GUI License!”

I have my original Dongle, but I don’t know how to use that while the floating license thing is fixed. Anyone have info on that?

same problem here… I’ve tried online licensing and borrow for offline use. No way…

too expensuve:roll_eyes:

Encountering the GUI license error after installing and running the trial version of V-Ray Next for Rhino means your account has not been registered for the trial evaluation. To amend this, please visit https://www.chaosgroup.com/trial/vray-rhino

For assistance with anything else related to V-Ray reach out to support@chaosgroup.com

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Well apparently my problem comes from the fact that I need to upgrade to Next. I thought it was free since I own Vray, but nope.

You need to make a request first, though.

Is this version ready for prime time? Or is it another paid Beta test?

A new version just one day old is never ready for prime time… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep… i’ve checked upgrading my license from 3.6 to 4 but it’s almost 480€

Upgrade should be 285€ as far as I know. In Europe in any case.

i’m not completely sure but i took a look and thats what i saw (VAT excluded)


p.d. I’m also in Europe


€285, VAT excluded.

i downloaded and installed the 30 day trial version on my rhino 5.14

it is painful as each time i click on screen menu pop ups disappear then reappear, like an old bug come back to haunt…

i really want to work with Vray but everytime i seem to hit a hurdle

Ho rfolett,
by “pop ups” you mean V-Ray UI windows or Rhino panel windows ?
What is your Windows version ? 7, 8.x or 10 ?

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yes… 8.1 64bit (6.3 build 9600) is that the issue?

Yes, with any Rhino + any V-Ray you keep losing focus of V-Ray windows, they keep popping up in background, and that is pretty much standard behavior I got used to already. :-S

too painful for me… i thought they had fixed it in 3.60…

does the same issue happen with rhino 6 on windows 8.1 do you know?

thank you for your help