Vray 6 RTX rendering takes alot of time

hi so i have been using vray to render with rhino for 3 years now,and since ive started i always had problems rendering because i always either get errors( Cannot Allocate Buffer of size XX / num samples per thread reduced to XX) so no rendering or if i render with CPU it literally takes minimum of 4/5 hours per pic,now i am an architectural designers and my scenes are not that big(around 200MB) not alot of polygons,i dont use displacement and all my textures are in 2K resolution,my laptop specs are i7 11th gen and RTX 3060 with 16 GB ram.now i really love rendering with v ray i believe that its the best renderng engine out there,its just that i face alot of rendering problems and im sure that im not the only one.

I too encountered the same problems. I’m using a lower video card than yours: RTX 2060 - 6GB of RAM. Rendering with Vray on CPU is almost impossible: too slow.
I always render in RTX on files even of 800mb. If the video memory is not saturated the render starts, otherwise everything stops.

Lately I’ve been finishing rendering this with Vray 6 (there’s still a little noise):