Vray rendering problems, big file

Please can anyone check my file. I don’t know whta’s wrong with it. I am trying to render render is taking forever then it crashes, I have a good desktop though. I tryed to copy paste the file on another computer it is not showing on another computer, the file is verry big I don’t know why. Please any help ? I rendered a 7000x3500 interior scene and it was perfect. I changwed some materials and view I went to an exteriror view, it’s taking too much time for just 2000x4000. I deleted some blocks materials that I suspected to be the source of my problem and still having problems. it didn’t even upload. How can I decrease the size ?

I’m not sure I can help you, but you could give some more informations.

What is the file size?
How big is your RAM and did the RAM usage run against the RAM limit during rendering?
What do you use - Vray, Rhino, OS versions?

Do you use displacement? Could you disable it at the global options? (Your problem could be caused by an object with displacement which is in the exterior view now.)