VRay 5 for Rhino 7 fails to load some proxy objects

VRay 5 in Rhino 7 fails to load some vrscene proxy objects.

I have already imported some proxy vrscene objects.
Some were exported from 3ds Max and the others were exported straight from Rhino.

After, I’ve exported one more object from 3ds Max but it repeatedly fails to load.

Here is the vrscene for that object.

Rerna_Micro.rar (735.7 KB)

After I’ve tried importing some objects from previous projects made with Rhino 6 and VRay Next and VRay 5.
Some of them import without a problem, but some fail to load.

Rhino 6 and Vray 5 import everything without problems.

Thank you for reporting this. The issue will be investigated.
As a temporary workaround, please import the vrscene file by creating a Proxy Scene using the Asset Editor. Make sure to set its Preview Type to ‘Bounding Box’ and its preview object will appear in the Rhino 7 viewport.

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Yes, it’s a workaround.

Thank you, but… you know… :smile:

Waiting on the fix.

I know. I am sorry about the inconvenience.
A solution is now scheduled for the next update (v5.1).

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With 5.00.2 even more import stuff is broken.

vrscenes that I could import before when I made this thread, cannot be imported now.

With these, it doesn’t say that the proxy object failed to load, they get listed, but they are nowhere to be found. - ‘‘select object in scene’’ doesn’t select anything.

Hello @ANDhitecture

I went through the same issue you are having, it seems to be Vray 5 is having a problem displace certain mesh topologies in rhino 7 viewports. my solution works for me as follow

in 3DS MAX
1- Select the object you are including in the .vrscene.
2- Apply “Subdivide Modifier”
3- Apply “Optimize Modifier”
4- Apply “Edit Mesh” Modifier
5- export to .vrscene.

This should Generate a mesh with less trouble, and worked for me when I imported it to rhino.

Thanks for the tip.

I’ll try this out in the upcoming days.

The thing is, these were vrscenes that were created when I opened the thread, when I could import them without a problem, but those same files, cannot be imported now.

I sure hope this workaround will work.

Thank you again.
I’ll report on the outcome.