How to import a .vrscene file to Rhino?

In order to get some of my 3ds Max models into Rhino, with all of the materials and textures baked-in, Chaos Group are saying that this is possible with exporting and than importing the .vrscene file through applications.
I can’t seem to find .vrscene Import within Rhino.
Can someone help me with this?

We can export but can’t import yet.
We can render any vrscene file with vray standalone though.

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As I suspected. Thanks.

Could you, or anyone else, suggest, what is the best way to go about importing models for 3ds max with Vray materials?

you could try a vray proxy, but it will require a lot of work to get it exactly the same. I’ve done it with objects but not with a full model.

I don’t mind going the long way and importing the raw obj file and materializing it myself, but with plants and trees that seems impossible.
.vrscene files fixes this problem, but seems to be available only through 3ds Max-Maya-Modo.
I was hoping that Vray would fix this main problem with Rhino, but they left us behind again.

I had a talk with Chaos Group about this.

They told me that with the next update they are rolling out for Vray for Rhino, .vrscene importing will be possible.
As for the release date for this next update, they didn’t have a comment :slight_smile:

This will be nice. It solves a major problem for many people.