3ds Max --> VRScene --> Rhino

Hi all,

I am currently working on a renderable library for vray in Rhino.
Since most pre-done modeling is done in 3dsMax I would like to convert this library into Rhino.

But. my workflow is not working.

  1. Strip the scene to get a single unit to export from the scene. (.vrscene)
  2. Import the scene in Rhino
  3. Renders --> it works
  4. Move the folder to another computer/usb/etc --> every connection is lost. :frowning:

The workflow is really bad, I know, but I don’t want to spend time learning max, just rhino as my main multitool.

Can someone explain me what I do wrong? Is there another way to export vray out of max without all of its mapping and connections (.vrmesh looses the materials)



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Common errors are:

  • no textures
    -“Unable to load Proxy Object from FileCommand: _vrayProxyImport”

Hi Georges,

Could you please check the following:

  1. make sure the .vrscene file does not contain full paths to asset files. You can export with “strip paths” from max, so every path is relative to the .vrscene file location
  2. Check if there are messages before “Unable to load Proxy Object from File”. It really can be 3 cases:
    2.1) “Proxy: Failed to attach proxy userdata to the Rhino object” - rare conditions like out of RAM, etc…
    2.2) “Failed to add the proxy object to the active document” - cannot create viewport geometry
    2.3) none of the above - in this case there is a proxy naming conflict

I guess it fails to create the viewport geometry for some reason. In this case there is nothing to attach our proxy data to, so it prints the final message and fails to operation.

Thnx! Just tested it works. I checked the .vrscene file and this had a hard coded end.
With the strip paths the hardcode disappears. Only thing is to make sure the vrscene is in the same folder as the rest of the files.