Vray 5 cpu vs gpu, strange mapping results

I am getting different render results when I use my cpu (Ryzen 9 5950x) and the gpu (RTX 3080) specifically the mapping. As you can see the wood texture is very poor with the gpu and I can’t figure out why. The material is from the Chaos Cloud so it should work the same, or am I missing something…?
I am waiting to hear from Chaos support…

Hi Miles_Alex,

The issue might be related to the automatic texture resizing that the GPU does.
We have changed the default value of this setting at one point but you might be using an older V-Ray version.
If that is the case, try setting the following parameter to ‘Full-size textures’ and see if helps:



Many thanks Konstantin,
That fixed the problem, I will check for a Vray update.

Much appreciated!