Vray GPU interactive render not showing resized textures

Hi, I’m having an issue whith vray interactive render (GPU mode) not updating in real time new texture mapping sizes, changes do appear every time I stop the render and re render again but the point of using interactive render is to show instantly the changes.

In this first image i have the XYZ size set to 1

And in this second image I changed the values to 5, 3 and .2 but the interactive render is not applying those changes :frowning:

Do someone know why is this happening?
(i have an RTX 2060 super)

You’re correct - the texture size change is not picked up by the RTX code for some reason (CUDA works, though).
The GPU team will be notified.
Thanks for sharing


Thanks for replying Nikolay, yeah I’ve noticed that CPU and CUDA mode work fine but I think RTX is the best one to use with the IR, great to know GPU team will solve this problem. :smile::raised_hands:t3:

I have the same problem with a RTX 3050 Ti.

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