Vray 3.6 + Rhino - Texture mapping is broken

Calm down, Jerome, being a teacher doesn’t entitle you to insult other members of the community.

Please describe your problem, we can help you out.

With respect

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Calm down, Jonish.

If you had taken the effort to read what this topic is about you would have known why I posted here.
(oh and you can read more here about this problem/bug: [BUG?] Mesh UV mapping does not update properly not exporting correctly?)

The main thing is: this problem has been around for almost 3(!) years and has still not been fixed in the latest service release.

What I am concerend about is that my students need to be able to rely on the tools which they use and with Rhino, well, it simply is unreliable.
I mean come on, a feature which worked just fine in Rhino 5 but has been broken for almost 3 years and has still not been fixed in Rhino 6 despite knowing about it - that’s just sloppinnes on the part of McNeel.

The only insult here is that of McNeel towards it’s customers.
If they keep this up my students certainly won’t become future customers of Rhino 3D I am afraid.


I would be curious to hear more about this

Hello Jerome.

This is a zombie thread. V-Ray 3.6 is deprecated and no longer actively supported.

I’m using V-Ray 5 Beta and I don’t know about any problems with texture mapping. Workflow has changed a lot in last few years and it would be definitely good idea to consider teaching your students new functions and methods that are currently in the field.

Have a nice day

P.S. My experience with McNeel is that they are all lovely and super helpful and sadly I already know that this is not to be taken for granted.


Jerome is right.
Rhino’s strategy privileges new features to bug fixing.
And there are just one (Jussi Aaltonen, ) or two awesome developers fixing all my reports instead of a team. And Pascal’s support.
That is why Rhino is cheap and affordable.
I really hope that these few developers became millionaires.

For UV mapping there is some bug fixing in progress.
Meanwhile for mesh I use more appropriate RizomUV Real Space or free tool Blender.
Since UV mapping is extremely important, please subscribe and vote for fixing.
Here is a list of my reports in realtion to it