Dome light with HDRI not changing when rotating

Hi, im trying to render a scene with HDRI dome light. I did this by assign a HDRI file as bitmap to dome light. However, I seem not be able to change the position of the lighting source from HDRI when I rotate dome light arrow in rhino. The background from HDRI is not changing (rotating) as I rotate the dome light on plan. How can I fix this? Thanks!

I think you need to explain more … with some details (Rhino version , V-ray version).
So If you don’t see the effects background from HDRI on Viewport that means you set BG HDRI Rhino not v-ray.
Try to set (viewport mode) is V-ray then you can see the effects.

Hi thanks for the reply. Im using rhino 6 and vray 4. Can you explain bit more, how can I change the viewport mode to vray? Thanks.


  • Set the V-ray is current Rendering engine.
  • From “Perspective” browse View-ports mode then select (V-ray Interactive).
  • Try to use Gumball to (rotating) V-rayDomeLight to see effects…