Create Voronoi pattern on custom surface

Hi There,

I have a Voronoi pattern script i’ve made following a youtube tutorial, i need to put this pattern
or something similar on a this custom surface.

Voronoi (14.2 KB)

any help would be much appreciated.


Have a trySurface Morph.

Voronoi (14.2 KB)


Amazing, thank you so much! @HS_Kim

one more question, when I try to set a new surface it doesn’t follow the new shape
and remains a complete rectangle, i know I’m missing something but i cant work it out.

Apparently, you’re dealing with a “trimmed surface” which keeps underlying initial surface boundary information…

Check the links below and you’ll know some tricks to work around.

Hi @HS_Kim

Thankyou so much, im very grateful for your help.

this might be very naive of me, but how can I now incorporate the Voronoi into this trimmed surface
rather than rectangles?

Voronoi - (16.7 KB)

You didn’t internalize your trimmed surface. See the description bellow especially No.3


Hi @HS_Kim

Apologies for the confusion of files.

I’m still struggling to trim this set surface, I tried to follow the links you provided but I can’t grasp my head around the understanding of it, again any help is much appreciated.

Voronoi - Trim (8.9 KB)

Or… you could post your rhino 3dm file along with gh file.