Voronoi Surface Boundary Issue

Hello everyone,

I have this script that creates the Voronoi pattern on a normal rectangle surface, but once I modify the surface (left in the image) the pattern doesn’t seem to recognize the surface boundary. If you have any tips to share that’d be a great help!

Mehdi_Voronoi.gh (19.4 KB)

Thank you!

Upload GH file so you can get more help .

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Thanks. I just did!



You failed to Internalize the Surface data.


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Are you looking for something like this?

If I remember correctly, the Voronoi component asks for a rectangular bound specifically, so anything other than that will make it fail. Suggest @ajarindia 's solution for your needs

Hi @ajarindia,

Thanks for your comment and for helping me with this!

So I tried Internalizing the geometry/surface, but still, I’m having the same issue. Maybe I missed something?

Thank you!

Well yes and no. I’m trying to get a Voronoi closest to ellipse (the closer the better) and this is the closest I have come and the Nurbs Curve is kind of doing it. I also need to have an attractor, in my case the polygon.

I also tried your script, but I’m having an error.

Thank you again!

You can use fillet after intersection

voronoi.gh (7.9 KB)

Thank you Seghier. I’m trying to use your script and make it work for my purpose. I will share the result if it works.