Voronoi on a Trimmed Surface for an arm splint


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I am trying to make a definition for reaching this goal: arm splint

Arm-voronoi.gh (38.6 KB)

I have two questions:

1- I first rebuilt a loft surface from a sequence of sections of an arm scan (stl).
Then I made some curves on surface and a cut for the thumb; as result, I have a trimmed surface.
I tried to follow some exemples on how to make a voronoi structure out of it, but I do not now how to deal with a trimmed surface.

2- Also tried to convert my trimmed surf to a mesh in order to do other stuff later, bit the conversion just selects out the faces that are insode the cut lines

Any sort of help is appreciated!! :slight_smile:

How i can make this
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…Forgot to say that I might have chosen the wrong way to make up it,
I am not an expert…

Here my definition.Arm-voronoi.gh (38.6 KB)


This isn’t the whole answer, just one possible direction to follow.

Arm-voronoi_2018Apr15a.gh (43.1 KB)


One of the methods I use is this.

Arm-voronoi_re.gh (54.6 KB)

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Thanks Kim!

from your method I learn something interesting on how to cope with trimmed surface; also, building closed nurbs curves from the discontinuity points is an effective way for avoiding the mess in offsetting polylines on a freeform surface, like I was trying this morning (see below)…

There is only this part grouped that I haven’t understood, could you enlighten me?

Then, I think I should clean up my surface, because at the hand level there is some useless detail that produces this weird shape:

Finally, is there a change to reach a smooth geometry following this method?

I tryied adding some WB smooth but the result is very bad (as expected, considering input topology)…

Maybe I have to work with meshes from the very beginning?

Any following suggestion is warmly welcome!!



To select the trimmed surface that has the most longest edge length…

And check this mesh version with a decent topology as well.
But if I were you, I’ll just bake the final brep and add Fillet Edgesin rhino and then convert it into mesh for 3D print…

Arm-voronoi_reV2.gh (60.5 KB)


More smoother mesh… and final mesh was flipped…

Arm-voronoi_reV3.gh (60.9 KB)

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Thanks a LOT Kim,

you rock! :wink: