Creating a loft between curves created with voronoi

Dear all,

I am trying to create a loft surface between curves created with voronoi. The end result should be a personalized model for a 3D printed arm cast. The problem now is that I cannot create any kind of surface between the curves. Do one of you know how I should solve this problem?

I also added the arm STL file I am using for the personalized cast.

arm.stl (6.9 MB) (549 Bytes)

The gh-file is empty, when I download it.

I am sorry, I think something went wrong when uploading. (13.7 KB)

Can you please internalise the data. (right click on the curve and mesh -> internalise data)
Saves time for the ones who want to help you.

You could try adapting the attached file to your cast surface.
The approach is to create a voronoi on the surface, scale the voronoi cells inwards, then take the points from the cell corners to create mesh faces. These faces are then joined and thickened and then smoothed.

The problem you will face if you are going to make this customised to fit someone is that this process will draw the cast away from the original cast surface )presumably a scan of the patient)… The voronoi cells are a sort of facetted approximation, the thickening, hopefully goes outwards which is OK, but the smoothing operation may well add another inaccuracy so you will need to review the final shape against the original surface.

I’ve internalised a sphere instead of your cast surface… (16.4 KB)

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Much gratitude to you martynjhogg! It works great with some tweaks!