Voronoi on a Trimmed Surface for an arm splint

Here’s what happens with your mesh when FitLoft replaces Loft:

Clearly the FitLoft object uses a much different method for defining the loft surface. There are differences between between the 2, but they don’t seem to be too large. I can’t explain any of this of course, but it is interesting and will hopefully help you some.

Arm-voronoi-bb3.gh (43.8 KB)

Note that I changed the cylinder shape to an elliptical one just to make the thumb hole a little nicer. Also, playing with the Voronoi Seed parameter changes the structure where the hole needs to be.

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Huh. Interesting. I think I’ll give a try once I finish the rest of the features I still gotta put in this thing. Thanks a lot!

Side note: That’s a set of nice-looking surfaces, btw!

I just wonder why so many Voronoi casts on this forum, must be some classes homework somewhere…
What is voronoi doing to improve the cast?


My money is on this image starting it all.

first mentioned around 2013 so i guess i also would think so.

but not to forget that the chemical brothers released a video with a very impressive rendering of this in animation which seems to have inspired at least one person i know in creating such bodily shapes. pretty ok song either.

here a making off, in case somebody is interested.

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thats an old classic :wink: actually i think these should be called side effects, since they go along not only with too much but with using it just at all :smiley:

Yes I know, I posted it just to play around, I laughed hard when it popped up on my screen first time :slight_smile:

But sometime it’s actually scary to see so many things using voronoi pattern because it’s “exotic” and has a complex appearance rather than because of its properties.
Not pointing this topic at all though, just general thought.

I believe the use of voronoi in this case is also for breathable arm splint.
But anyway… Anyone can do anything if they like it :slight_smile:

voronoi is without a doubt an important tool for area specific applications. i dont mind the artistically aspect of it too much, not sure it has established itself enough in the secular real world outside of architects and designer anyway, so still plenty of space to concur and cover with it :smiley:

first artistic association i can recall was from the Star Trek: The Animated Series back in 1973-1974 where one alien abandoned space ship had this as an outer structure applied to its ship. pretty impressive still nowadays. recommendable to watch, there are only a couple and they are short.

If that’s an old classic, then for how long is this around and how is it triggered?

How many times do you have to use the command until it shows up?

Just put Voronoi component many times on canvas, it should pop up between 10 and 20…
But I think it only appears once !

I’ve used the command for a long time and yesterday was the first time I saw it. However I mostly used an existing definition. Funny :slight_smile:

It is from this website if you want to know: