Open cell voronoi model with 10 % porosity

Can anybody please help me how to make open cell voronoi model with 10 % porosity.

Thank you for help guys

Your vague question deserves a vague answer:
If is in 2d, scale each cell by the square root of 0.1, in 3d by the cube root of 0.1.

Sorry for mis-understanding, I want to make 3d model having having open pore, So I came to know about grasshopper software. I am begineer in this software. Thats why I asked about how to make it in best and easiest way.

Can anybody please help me how to make open cell voronoi model with 10 % porosity.

What does that mean? technically voronoi is 100 porosity since it is just lines. Are you meaning to thicken these? Please provide a sketch.

please below you can see the picture, I want to make in a similar way.

First of all, doubled Thread:

You create your voronoi, get the area of the cells and cull some of them to get your target %. I will do an example for you tomorrow morning.

You can do something like this (Be warned voronoi3d is slow) (15.3 KB)

Thank you so much Michael for the help, I downloaded the file, but there is no 3d model in it, can you please tell me which command shall I click in grasshopper or in the algorithm to generate the 3d model

It is. The component “Cull Pattern” before the “Custom Preview”. Right click on it -> bake.

But I would try to learn the basics first, if you don’t even know how to “look” at a finished file someone else did for you. At the latest if your professor (just guessing you’re a student) asks something about the algorythm you will be in trouble.

Good place to start:

Here’s an other 100% Indicative approach to that problem (not using Vor3d: it’s very slow and who’s gonna notice it anyway?). You can switch to meshes as well for a certain boost in performance.

NOTE: For achieveing an exact desired percentage you’ll need other things (13.1 KB)