Voronoi 3D joining issue + 3D attractor points

Hi everyone,

I am very new to grasshopper and am working on a project to develop and 3D print the sole and midsole for a shoe which I will then be filling with foam. I have been using Voronoi 3D and managed to apply my own Brep to get the structure. I have piped the Voronoi lines and capped them but when I bake the structure it end up as many seperate polysurfaces. I have been reading about possibly using TsPipe and TsSmoothtoggle but couldn’t find any download links to try out. Does anyone have a link to this plugin and do you think this would work?

My other question is; is there a way for me to use attractor points on a 3D voronoi structure to make it denser in two areas? I have found examples of increasing the thickness of the cell pipes but not increasing the number of cells.

At this point I would be very happy to just have my structure joined and printable but if there was a way to have the areas in the heel and the forefoot denser that would be awesome.

Grasshopper forum.gh (3.6 KB) grasshopper forum.3dm (4.2 MB)

Check out the Cocoon plugin… this will thicken your 3dVoronoi but you will probably have to use the Kangaroo utility RemoveDuplicateLines and then possibly something called LineTopologiser to clean up the line data before it works with Cocoon.

If your voronoi has lots of short lines in it this can give you problems too because when you pipe these or thicken them with something like Cocoon you get clumps as short lines get engulfed by surrounding lines.

Cocoon gives a mesh output which is good for 3d printing as you will need probably an STL mesh for that.

For increasing the cell density in certain areas you could create too many voronoi points and then cull points that are further away from the attractor points.

Attached is an example of Cocoon, Topologiser and culling points. You might be able to work this into your definition.

Start by disabling the Cocoon and RefineMesh components and try and get your voronoi right, then enable Cocoon and tweak the parametrs on the Line Charge and Cocoon components. When you are happy with this then run it through the Refine for a final mesh.

The example is far from perfect but hopefully gives you some ideas.

CocoonShoe.gh (14.1 KB)