Issue with setting attractor points in a 3D voronoi

Hi everybody,
I am a industrial design student working on a foot-adaptative midsole project.
I’ve started by populating a Brep creating a 3D voronoi and then used the Tpipe command to generate a mesh. Then I used the Ts-smoothtoggle in rhino in order to have a nice and curvy mesh.
Now I would like to set 3 zones in my Brep in order to get a higher density of points in each zone. I’ve looked at several tutorials on the internet about attractor points in a voronoi but they were only dealing with 2D surfaces…
Can someone help me out with this ? I did no find any tutorials about this specific case.

Then I would like to know if there is a command in Grasshopper able to read a 3D scan made of different colors. It would need to vary the Population of points generated by the 3 former attractor points.
I’ve attached a picture as an example for what I am seeking of.

I hope to be clear enough in my request.
Thanks a lot for your attention and your help !!


Test 4eme recovery.3dm (270.0 KB) (12.3 KB)

Please can you tell me if you were able to that.

Thanks & Regards,