Voronoi 2D Malfunction?

Hello everyone,

It seems that my Voronoi node is causing problems as in the picture. Some of the cell clusters are not sharing a common tip point. Instead, they missed by a little and failed the later welding process. Can anyone help shed some light on how this happened? Thanks a lot!

Alex Xu

Del_Voronoi_GH.gh (405.2 KB)


This is one way of using Extrude Point instead of using Delaunay Mesh.
And I think this is not due to the Voronoi malfunction(?), but the mesh joining and welding problem.

Del_Voronoi_GH_re.gh (403.5 KB)

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Hi Kim.

Thanks for introducing the Extrude Point solution. However, the problem persists soon as SmoothNakedEdge(from 0 to 1).

I can find misplaced vertices in the baked Voronoi cells after deleting all the mesh operations.

Get the mesh edit plug-in and weld the mesh by tolerance with its weld component before smoothing it.

Thanks for your attention Michael,

I don’t know if MeshEdit has been included under the Mesh tab, I installed it and no standalone tab was there.

Is this the Weld by tolerance node you were referring to? I can’t get it to work for some reasons. There was a bubble says that the component is not working.

Thanks for your help again.

I’ve encountered this bug before. It has to do with Catmull-Clark Subdiv from Weaverbird which fails at times. No idea why!

The problem is indeed with Voronoi, zoom into the Voronoi result in those areas:

Which gives you conditions like the following that seem to confuse all the mesh algorithms, welding and smoothing:

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Providing XY Plane and changing seed value of Pop2D will help you resolve the Voronoiproblem.

Del_Voronoi_GH_reV2.gh (404.1 KB)

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