Voronoi boundary problems

Good evening everyone

I’m not a Grasshopper pro, but I’ve built something with various tutorials.
Now I’m at a point where I don’t know what to do next.
With some contours like the one in the picture, there are sometimes strange corners.

Of course I am very grateful for any advice

Kind regards
G. Schmidt

Voronoi Wand Elemente freie Geometrie.gh (22.5 KB)Schwenktüren Nangjiala.3dm (2.0 MB)

its a rhino 7 model .
the curves are not internalized

Hello Rajeev
I’m sorry, I can’t quite follow you.
What or how do I have to change it so that the errors disappear?
is it because of the line drawn in the rhino or do i have to insert a rule in the grasshopper?

With kind regards

Voronoi Wand Elemente freie Geometrie_re.gh (27.3 KB)


Thank you HS_Kim

It already looks a lot cleaner and better, and thanks for adding some additional options.
I really appreciate that.

Unfortunately, I still have minor errors in the corners, and the voronoi does not run very cleanly on the inner and partly on the outer round curve.

is it possible that the points of the voronoi are simply too close to the inner curve and thus create some small errors?

Many thanks and kind regards