Catmull-Clark Problem-

Hi everyone! I’m pretty new to grasshopper and I’m trying to create a voronoi facade on a building. I’ve used the script before with a rectangular building and it worked. However, now that I’m trying with a more complex form, when I use weaverbird’s Catmull Clark it adds this weird extra mesh (on pictures) which wasn’t part of the original mesh crated. Does anyone know how to get rid of this?? My file is also attached. Please help!

MUSEUM 1 (21.0 KB)
MUSEUM 1.3dm (8.5 MB)

This is an intermittent preview bug. It shouldn’t bake. Refresh your definition a few times (F5) and it will change and/or go away.

I did, I refreshed and it’s still there. I baked it and it bakes with everything else.

Ok it must be a different problem. Not at a computer so can’t check your files. Is the input mesh a “good mesh” if you run MeshRepair in rhino?

Please no more voroni facades :pray:

Hi @mmora289,

You need to weld the mesh! Since you already use the Weaverbird’s Join Meshes and Weld, simply set the Weld to True.
Joining meshes only groups them, but keeps each sub-mesh separate. Merging or welding close vertices joins the combined meshes into a single mesh (if topologically possible), with less vertices than the sum of all joined meshes.

That said, your mesh will probably still need repairing.