Volume Command

Greetings All,

Anyone else having a problem calculating Volume on complex parts?
I have to save as RH4 to get Volume.

Hello - please send us examples - tech@mcneel.com or www.Rhino3d.com/upload (zipped files).



Greetings Pascal,

File should be uploaded just now.

Thanks Much,

Dennis Butler

Hi Dennis - thanks, I have it, I’ll take a look.


@denbutler - I looked at your file - the object passes Check but that seems doubtful to me. There are some planar surfaces in there that appear to be bogus - basically so small as to be unusable, those are the bad guys. The hard part is figuring this out… I can cheat, but you cannot and I don’t know how you’d find these in any reasonable way. In any case, I’ll send you back a valid version via tech@mcneel.com - (btw some questionable edge joining in there, I fixed a few surfaces…)


You may have the Volume turned up to 11. That can cause distortion…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Greetings Folks,

Just to explain this problem a bit, i did have the Volume turned up to 11. Meaning that I have a lot of small surfaces, custom made fillets and odd geometry.

Now there is a new feature in V6 that I really like: the auto ‘check’ function. Any commands that you run will complete, and then the parts will be automatically checked, and a dialogue box appears if you have created any bad objects. Immediate feedback, so the operation can be undone and attempted in a different way, or with smaller radii, or something. I love it . It saves a lot of time and frustration.

But, apparently the check function has a slightly different definition of a bad object than the volume command. Or… so it appears from the user’s perspective. Part passed check, but would not calculate volume.

Thanks to Pascal, and the entire McNeel team, for some remedial surface fixes, and for looking into making the surface modeling experience even better.

McNeel Rocks! Even when the Volume is cranked up to 11.