Volume Calculation Error

VolumeError.3dm(445.5 KB)

I keep getting a can’t calculate volume error for this model. It’s solid, no naked edges. Not sure what’s going on.

@pascal This does look like a bug, seems like it should work. The surface that appears to be causing the problem is the one inside the recess (in red in the image). If you extract that and then use Cap to re-close the object, volume works.


Hi Eric,

using the VSR Global Matching Analysis, it finds a discontinuity of 0.002mm for one edge, see picture:

As the tolerance for the model is 0.001mm, maybe this is causing the problem?


I’ll take a look- thanks.


Yep, that surface cannot be calculated - Area fails on it. - Untrim and retrim then rejoin, bubt Cap works just as well.\

thanks, I’ll see if we can figure out what is wrong with the edges here.