Volume calculation fails

How is it that fails to calculate the volume of this object? (5 Rhino SR7 64bit).
Strangely, if you delete the fillet, especially the internal fitting blend, the volume control works.
Volume calculation fails.3dm (379.5 KB)

The SR8 Release Candidate is available. Can you try this version and see if you still have the same issue?

Tools -> Options -> Updates…

Thanks, I see it here too- there are two fillet surfaces that fail. I’ll put this on the list- thanks.

Hmm- actually this works correctly in SR8, but fails in V6.


This file is not mine. I thought it was fixed this bug (if the bug is), but no: the volume is not calculated. Why?VolumeFailExample.3dm (1.9 MB)

@GregArden, can you have a look at this?

There are two spheres for which Area fails… retrimming them fixes things.


Was the blend surface made in Rhino? What command and option did you use to make that? There is a minor error in the trimmed sphere. However this should probably not cause a mass properties failure.