Looking for models for polysurface repair wizard

I’m working on a Python script that repairs polysurfaces and am looking for a few more test models before submitting the script to food4Rhino.

Polysurfaces that the script can repair include those that:

  • Are solids in other CAD systems but don’t import as such into Rhino
  • Were modeled in Rhino, and whose area and volume cannot be calculated (see examples below)

It can repair:

Check 01.3dm and Check 02.igs (partial repair) from Chapter 15 of Rhino 6 Level 2 Training:

Solid models whose area and volume cannot be calculated:
Unable to calculate volume on a closed polysurface Rhino 6 Latest Update
Volume calculation fails
https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-44755 (closed volume example only)

If anyone has models with similar problems that they can share, please PM me.

Thank you

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I just had something like that…will pm you.