Voice recognition for commands ...feasible?

Hi, It would sure speed things up if voice recognition was possible for commands., also entry of numbers.
Anyone at McNeel considered this ?

Any users think it has legs ?..ie would like to use it ?

By the way. how does one post to both mac and windows ?


sort of messed around with this before… two conclusions

• this is really hard to say -> InterpCrvOnSrf

• i don’t think we’re there yet for it to be advantageous… if you’re using real explicit instructions (rectangle, start, width, height, extrude, disance, etcetc), the keyboard/mouse seem better…
for it to work good with speech, i think you’d have to be able to say “draw an 8’ radius sphere with the top third cut off” and it would understand what needs to happen…

or- using your mouth to copy what a mouse and keyboard are inputting is a waste of effort… but the example above is something the mouth can do that a mouse and keyboard can’t.

on mac at least, you can control rhino (well, you can try :wink: ) with your voice via osx… the functionality is already built in… just make sure you only use ‘Line’ or ‘Curve’ or ‘Arc’… click points with your mouse still… and make a voice recording of yourself using paneling tools and upload here.

Years ago, my thinking was that voice command would be the end all for CAD work. It is in fact faster and easier to simply type in one key or two key shortcuts for common commands. It is way fast, and there is no confusion over similar sounding commands or commands that use multiple words some of which are common to more than one command. I’ve messed around with the new voice command feature in latest Windows 10 release and find it useless.

I could see the benefit for entering dimensions.
“relative 30 by 15”