Voice commands for rhino


are there any voice command softwares that will work in rhino

(Steve Baer) #2

I think @mikko tried hooking this up a longggg time ago, but I don’t think we ever really got anywhere useful with that concept.


I see rhino gold has a voice command built in and was wondering if anyone has tried a voice command software with any luck


I think a couple of people did manage to hook it up a number of years ago and the conclusion was it becomes pretty annoying after about 5 minutes and is not any more productive than the classic input methods…


(Pascal Golay) #5

I dunno, in a really crowded open-plan office, think of the possibilities.


(Steve Baer) #6

We could start making some commands that “sound” dirty when spoken :smile:


Yep, suppose your cubicle neighbor shouted “Holy Sh–!” and Rhino proceeded to model it… holes and all. :smile:

(Bob McNeel) #8

See http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/using-speech-recognition


it’s already possible on mac (sort of)…
i messed around with it a while ago and you pretty much hit a brick wall when trying a command such as InterpCrvOnSrf… (ie- try saying that :wink:

i think we’re still quite a few years away from it being practical… if we’re just trying to drive the commands through speech in the same way we’d use a keyboard, it would be next to useless…

the real progress would be when we could say something sort of simple but to do it in rhino would be more complex…

ie- “8’ sphere with the top third cut off” (or something)


oh… if you want to try it on mac (assuming you have a mic and osx 10.8+)

go to system prefs -> Dictation & Speech and turn ‘dictation’ on…

now, anytime there’s a text field available, you can press fn fn (the ‘fn’ key twice) and siri comes up (though it’s not really siri… maybe she’ll show up in mavericks)… you can then speak instead of typing…

in rhino, if you press cmmd-K, a blank command search comes up so you can cmmd-K fn fn then speak commands.