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Is there anyway to put voice command to rhino?

Just simple things like, “shift”
“split edge” “undo”.

Just when lazy to try without using keyboard…

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Here’s an old topic regarding this:

Jeff Hammond & Robb make some good points there which I tend to agree with, though some can be solved with the use of voicerecord-aliases/macro’s. (I find the idea of being able to make your own language that controls Rhino amusing)

I imagine the fastest workflow would be a combination of voice recognition and typing though. But I think we’re still far away from that. And in reality I think I would prefer just using the keyboard with my shortcuts set up instead of bothering colleagues with me talking to my computer. (I guess multiple designers sitting next to each other might need some sound insulating cubicles :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I’ve only ever used Dragon Naturally Speaking, which is great. There might be others out there, but I know, that Dragon lets you do specific commands for specific programs. It takes a bit of set-up, but works great. I think you need the premium version, but not sure.

HTH, Jakob

First time I heard of it. maybe worth a look!

Yeah, well insulated cubicle would be needed… don’t want others voices messing up input command either.

With all the AI and voice command around, I hope some simple stuff gets integrated somwhere…

Yeah, that’s what I meant

I think we need a new Rhino digital assistant. Maybe we can call it… Bob. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


orthodox “Rhino” would do :slight_smile:
Rhino undo. Rhino sweep2.

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And suddenly Rhino uninstalls itself…

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Great idea

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=) lol

No no no…

“Pascal line”
“Pascal undo”
“Pascal fillet”
“Pascal no that fillet isn’t right”
“Pascal I need a script”

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