Define custom parametric windows / doors

please excuse the possible very basic question:
Is it possible right now to create your own custom defined parametric windows definition (in Grasshopper… ?)?
I know that you can define a block for 3D representation but this approach is very limited IMHO since you cannot parametrically change dimensions of window elements or change the window dimension without changing the block also…

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Hi walther, yes, you can create a custom parametric window from a Grasshopper definition and create a window style from it. In this page you have a couple of examples:

You just need to take into account these details:

  • Each part of the window in the Grasshopper definition must end to a “Geometry Param” so it is recognized by VisualARQ as a new component.
  • The geometry in the GH file must be aligned with the X axis, taking the (0,0,0) coordinates as the insert point of the window.
  • The opening of that window in a wall will be calculated according to the bounding box of the geometry, unless you define a custom profile (inside the GH file) that also needs to end into a Geometry Param, and assign this component to the Opening profile, when you create the VisualARQ style:

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

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thanks a lot Francesc, I will take a look at this ASAP!