VisualARQ Space label sizing

My space labels are coming in very tiny. How can I change their scale?

Try to enlarge the font. Or enable scaling of the text.
Cheers, Jaro

@A_Mac The size of the Space label texts are managed by the Space styles (vaSpaceStyles command). They can either take one of the existing Document Dimension styles or you can override certain parameters such as the text size from the “Text style” option, (attributes tab):

Thanks for the documentation!

By the way, should the the video on this tutorial page be marked 'Public?
4.5 Spaces - VisualARQ

Hi @kevin3,

What do you mean? Cannot you play the video? What does it say when you try to do it?

It is the same on a private, mobile devise, and I also tried it in a Private window (with the Edge browser)

It looks like this:

Hi @kevin3 you are right, it was set to “Private” on our YT channel. Refresh the page, it should be visible now.
(Take into account it is an old video, recorded with VisualARQ 1. This other video shows an updated version of what you can do with VisualARQ spaces: VisualARQ 2.0 sneak preview: Space object new features - YouTube)

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