VisualARQ Space label sizing

My space labels are coming in very tiny. How can I change their scale?

Try to enlarge the font. Or enable scaling of the text.
Cheers, Jaro

@A_Mac The size of the Space label texts are managed by the Space styles (vaSpaceStyles command). They can either take one of the existing Document Dimension styles or you can override certain parameters such as the text size from the “Text style” option, (attributes tab):

Thanks for the documentation!

By the way, should the the video on this tutorial page be marked 'Public?
4.5 Spaces - VisualARQ

Hi @kevin3,

What do you mean? Cannot you play the video? What does it say when you try to do it?

It is the same on a private, mobile devise, and I also tried it in a Private window (with the Edge browser)

It looks like this:

Hi @kevin3 you are right, it was set to “Private” on our YT channel. Refresh the page, it should be visible now.
(Take into account it is an old video, recorded with VisualARQ 1. This other video shows an updated version of what you can do with VisualARQ spaces: VisualARQ 2.0 sneak preview: Space object new features - YouTube)

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On the topic of editing VA_Space labels, it would be great to be able to modify space labels beyond the current limitations. Left justify text with a irregular rectangle around it doesn’t quite have the visual pop that a proper room label does.

For Example:

This doesn’t quite have the visual pop of the more typical alternative:

This also goes for ease of repositioning the label. I’ve found it’s difficult to find the control point for the label and it has a tendency to wander.

Hi @Clayton_Muhleman,

Ok, I have just added your requests to our list.

As for this, I don’t understand why you find it difficult. Please, could you show me an example?

Taking about space labels: please have them rotate correctly in details (=aligned to the layout), optionally!
The fact that they don’t renders them pretty useless in many cases.
It’s on the list. Since 5 years i believe.

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Going back over it, the label is possible to select if you use the PointsOn command and select the correct control point. Otherwise, it’s selecting the main control point for the space. It’d be great to be able to tell the difference between the two!

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Hi Clayton, you can identify the control point of the space label, because it’s always located in the center of the label.

@fsalla I think I see the confusion on my end. When you select the entire space, the gumball will sometimes (or maybe by default?) overlap the center control point. This works to reposition the label, but it looks like you’re moving the whole space.

It works, I’d just say it’s a little non-intuitive, since curve defined spaces will move.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Clayton,
Your confusion makes total sense. Would it help if the label control point was at its bottom left corner (for example), instead of the center? because in the center it will always overlap with the gumball.

That’s a good idea. If the control point was at the bottom left (or whichever) corner of the label, that world work great.

Some sort of visual difference for the control point besides location might be nice as well, since floorplans can get very busy. Location would be good enough for me, but when I think about training staff on the software (converting revit users to work in my office), a little extra help is always welcome.