Space stamp

Hi, is it possible to align all space stamps? For example 2 mm from the upper left corner of the room.
Regards, Simon

Simon, you can use the Space grip point on the label to move it to any position.

But I think it’s not possible to select all stamps once and move them to the upper corner.
Regards, Simon

That’s true. It is not possible to do this now. We can consider adding some alignment options though.

It would be great.
A second question: Is it possible to create a style like this:

number of the space / finished altitude / construction altitude
Floor tag
Wall tag
Ceiling tag

Regards, Simon

Hi Simon,
That’s not possible so far. We are planning to let the user add any custom information in the space label, and the following step will be the option to customize it a bit further so you can add the data in different formats.

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Perfect! Thank you very much.