Space/Room tag rotateable?

Is it correct that those tag-boxes of Spaces cannot be rotated?
I’d like to have them aligned to my CPlane, and thus my prints.
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Hi @Eugen that’s correct. We have that request in our wishlist so we will allow rotating space labels in future VisualARQ versions. I’ll keep you posted.

Allright, thank you!

Hi again,
is this a difficult thing to fix? I will need it in the course of the next few weeks.
Do you think you can fit it into your next update already?
Just asking… =)
Thanks a lot!
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… and some small workflow idea for editing Spaces:
They always consist of a closed contour curve shape and a height. For now, this contour can only be changed by updating the Space or by ‘Set Contour’.
It would be nice if that shape (and height) would be editable after creation of the Space, with the usual point handles - spares creating and keeping a contour curve.

Just had the case that I replaced a wall with a curtain wall, which is not recognized by Spaces.

… and another one for the wishlist:
Spaces should also respect Curtain Walls (Just got the case where interior walls meet a curtain wall facade, and Space is not working anymore).

Hi @Eugen,

I don’t think this fix will be included in the next version 2.1, as we’re currently focused in fixing bugs and adding Rhino 6 support.



I like the idea. We’ll implement this in a future VisualARQ update.



Thank you! Looking forward to the Rhino 6 version!

Any progress on this? This is vital.

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Not being able to display proper room tags in a floorplan (at least when the building is not north-directed), can be a nasty workflow decelerator.


@Eugen can you send us the .3dm file that has this issue? Thanks!

@Eugen, Curtain walls are detected by Spaces since VisualARQ 2.1 version!

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Thank you!!