VisualARQ Section Style line width overrides


I am trying to make a VisualARQ’s section style that prints all lines (section and projection) with uniform line widths. I have set different line widths to some of the layers and to some objects directly and the sections with section style set to “Default” work just fine. But when I try to make section style that overrides these different line widths, nothing seems to happen to the lines. Is this a bug or how should this option work? Or is there a way to make a section (or actually an elevation) that has uniform line widths?

Hi @tuomas.ranta-aho this is a bug. The line print width is not taken from the Section View styles as it should when you set it to any value but “By Parent”. We will revise this and get back to you.
This problem also occurs with Plan View styles.

Okay. Thanks for the quick answer.

@tuomas.ranta-aho I’m glad to announce we have fixed this issue in VisualARQ 2.12, which is available for download.

Now, Section view styles and plan view styles have a new tab called “View overrides” from which you can define which attributes override those of the geometry displayed in plan/section views. Check this out here:

And the news of this new release: VisualARQ 2.12 available - VisualARQ