Plan and Section style overrides

Is there a way to have a plan or section view override object styles for plan and section cuts?

I.e. in plan, I’d like to have all cut objects with a black fill, regardless of what the object style says.

I’ve also noticed that regular Rhino objects don’t get filled by plan cuts, is there a way to control this?

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Hi @nrkuhl, the option to have section attributes by plan view style or section view style that override the attributes by object is planned to be developed.
Meanwhile you can leave the section attributes of VisulalARQ styles “by Parent” and assign them by object, as you can do with Rhino objects. Take a look at this page:

oh neat, thanks. I missed the section options part of the properties palette.

Any update on that? This would be tremendously useful for making good and easy base layers for: Construction Drawings, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Sewage Plans and so on. Currently our process involves exploding the plan(Which is not great), adjusting the hatches and linetypes etc. and then adding 2D details, dimensions and so on, on top.

Hi Roi, this is already available for Section view styles but not for plan view styles though. It’s planned.