VisualArq plan view & section view real-time baking from grasshopper

I want to generate plans , section , elevations views using plan/section view component in real time from grasshopper without clicking bake button / shortcut . So I wonder if there is component written on C# or python can help on that .

Hi @user883, I guess you are asking for a preview of the 2D section and plan views in GH. We haven’t implemented this option since these views usually take a while to be generated when they bake (depending on the amount of geometry and complexity of it), so generating the preview in real-time in GH of these views might cause really slow performance.

@fsalla clear about real time preview problem and agreed .
Ok , is it possible to be automated via Boolean toggle component which can run only if set to true? did any one made component in C# or python before for the same matter ? this way will avoid the real time preview problem .

Hi @user883, We can consider this option. We have had similar requests for calculating wall joins or openings in walls (which are not calculated in GH preview), so I’ll add your vote for this feature.

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