In Grasshopper created Walls are not joind

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is there a possibility to get joined Walls in Grasshopper? Right know they look like this:

However I want them to look like the baked ones, so like this:

_vaUpdate after baking

Hi @felix.kremp,

Walls will be automatically joined when you bake them. Objects that are not baked cannot be joined, because they are temporary objects, and it’s not possible to know which walls should be joined. For example, you can create several walls in a single definition, at the same position. Moreover, each time you make a change in a wall using a component, like “Move”, there are two walls in the definition, the wall before the change, and the wall after the change. I know this is a little confusing, but this is how Grasshopper works.

The only possible solution is to create a special VisualARQ component to mark a group of objects as “interferable” objects. This is something planned for a future VisualARQ version, as this will be required to get plan and section views directly in Grasshopper without baking first the geometry.



The problem is that I don’t want to bake the objects first, but have a correct view of the temporary Grasshopper objects.

Hi @enric,

thank you for your detailed answer. The problem you describe is exactly the one I am facing. I want to generate plans and section with the correct wall representation. If the VisualARQ objects were interferable in the future, that would be a great help.

The Grasshopper workaround I have built currently looks like this: I bake the VisualARQ elements, then select all VisualARQ elements from the Rhino document use them form the plan and sections and finally delete all VisualARQ elements from the Rhino document.This works reasonably well.

What I noticed here is that Reference by Type does not work with the VisualARQ elements.

I don’t think Elefront has the VisualARQ types. You can use the VisualARQ pipeline component. With this component, you won’t need to select the elements in the document, as the pipeline will pick all of them, automatically.



@enric Thank you for your support! Found the VisualARQ pipeline component and it works find for most Types however I´m not able to find the plan view Type in the component. Is it missing? I´m also not able to find any documentation for that component (not on grasshopperdocs and on the visualARQ website).

Just to be sure, you mean the component

Regards Felix

Yes, this is the component I was talking about. And yes, the plan view and section view types are missing. Our plan is to add them in VisualARQ 3, but if you need them, I can promote this feature to VisualARQ 2.12.



That would be great! Is there an other workarround in order to get only the baked plan view back to grasshopper?

No, there isn’t any other trick that I know. We’ll add plan and sections views to the pipeline component for VisualARQ 2.12.

A similar mechanism would be very useful in the Rhino scene. As you know, it would allow to keep design options of the building on top of each other (to be toggled by layers).
You didn’t seem to like the idea with those ArchiCAD-like ‘join-indices’. Maybe there’s a special type of VA ‘join-groups’ then, as you seem to have planned in GH.

Hi @Eugen,

This is a planned feature for VisualARQ 3. We don’t know how it will be implemented, or which name we’ll give to it: “Selective joins”, “Join groups”, “Element sets”…


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Hi @felix.kremp,

We have officially released VisualARQ 2.11.1, which adds this feature you suggested here. VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.11.1 released