Automated Baking of VisualArq geometry from grasshopper

Hi guys!
I want to create a lot of IFC models, therefore i created a parametric model of elements and a python script, which creates an hyperparameterset for the model.
What I need next is to simply click on a button (or booelan toogle), which sets an input on ‘True’ as a trigger for a further script to do it’s work.
This following script should bake the VisualArq geometry from grasshopper into Rhino. But when I use a python node in import the geometry, I receive the message that the imported geometry is a None-Object.
So i tried the built-in ‘Context Bake’ and ‘Bake geometry’ Node as well as the ‘Object Bake’ from LunchBox. All with the same result.
But it is technically possible, because the bake node from EleFront can bake geometry into Rino. Unfortunally only one object of my model until I receive the error message ‘eleFront could not bake an object: ifccolumn’

Does anybody has some experience with a related issue or even know a solution to this problem?

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Hi @Toni_Nabrotzky
you should post a minimal Gh-file for us to open, comment and work on.

Vanilla Gh, VARQ and Elefront do not always play nice together, but there are good and tested workarounds to import and export these.

Hi Toni,

thanks for this hint! I uploaded my gh-file and with some building elements I created and the bake nodes I have tested so far. (30.9 KB)

best regards!

This was a simple fix. I have not yet made the transition to the newest Elefront version. And this is one of the reasons.

Switch the Elefront components to the Legacy version, and it should work fine.


For import - you have to reference separately VARQ objects and non-VARQ objects. But after you get them to Gh, you can combine them together.

Import VARQ and (20.9 KB)

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This is the solution I needed! Thousand thanks for your help and the very quick response!
So I think with some upcoming bug fixing the new version will do as the legacy one, but until then I shall rely on the functionality of eleFront v4.3.0.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Update! This actually works nowadays - I asked for this eons ago. Nice work @fsalla !
So you can reference VARQ objects via their GUID - and the GUID you can get from Elefront reference.

This is also something that you need to be aware of. Giving a name to the baked object, you end up with duplicates. There is a slight difference on how you name the object.