VisualARQ Parameters


Is there any way to add parameters to objects and bake them automatically from GH using button. In my case, i have many different geometries and i want to add different parameters to each. But in case Geometry’s dimensions change in GH. i want to just click button and it just bakes and replaces the old geometries by new ones thus keeping the parameters.

I know Elefront and others work awesomely. But the problem is that Visualarq doesnt communicate with them.

If there is anyway we can bake Visualarq automatically through a button in GH i would be very thankful. Any ideas that is possible with C#? (14.6 KB)

Hi @MomoJawad,

You can use the “Update Property” component to update values of parameters you have already created in Rhino. It is working as you say, with one button.

The Elefront components are already working with VisualARQ, so you can use them to automatically bake VisualARQ objects now as well.

Hei, thanks for the reply

So, did i understand correctly that new Elefront release works with visualarq? I will take a look into that.


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