Real Time Edit & Boolean of VA Objects

Hi. All.
We’ve studied how to edit VA objects parametrically like we can do in other BIM software like ArchiCAD or Revit.
Unfortunately, dynamic bake method by Elefront or Human doesn’t work at the moment.
However, we’ve found out a way to do that by mixing two these two components. This is a kind of trick.
We would like to share this with other VA users.
Please give it a try, and leave some comment.

Real Time Boolean & Edit
Real Time Boolean & Edit.3dm (3.3 MB)
Real Time Boolean & (14.6 KB)


Hi @archist97 thanks for sharing this. We also developed a Bake component that works with VA objects, and doesn’t rely on third-party add-ons. We may include it in future versions. (7.9 KB)

Hi Francsc.
Actually, I’ve already known this component. Enric sent it over to me last year.
The problem with it is I can’t bake in real-time. If you makes it possible in the future version, it would be great. I think Section Attribute component is also needed so that we do not assign it manually one by one after baking.

Hi @archist97,

What do you mean by “bake in real-time”? Can you share an example?
You probably already explained it to me, as I think I share with you this component a while ago.



OK, I now read again the first post, and I think I understand your issue. The problem seems to be related to VisualARQ objects not supporting the user texts that Elefront is attaching to baked objects. I already talked with Elefront’s developer regarding this issue some months ago. I’ll check again if it’s possible to fix this on our side…


Thank you very much !!

Does this mean that you want the object in the Rhino model to change everytime you bake? Meaning, you are trying to take advantage of the BakeName mechanism that will automatically replace the previous bake with the new one - is that what you’re describing?

If so, I did have a chat with Enric about bakenames a little while ago - @enric , I’ve just sent you an email to revisit this.

On the eleFront side of things, we’re not doing anything particularly tricky with how the attributes get assigned to the object, so I’m not sure that’s it. For what it’s worth, we are simplifying the handling of BakeNames for the next version.

Hi Keyan,

Yes, I think this is related to the problem with the name. I think VisualARQ objects lose the user-texts when baked, and I have to investigate why this is happening. I guess that since Rhino 7, when I call Rhino SDK C++ function CRhinoDoc::ReplaceObject, the attributes of the replacement objects override the attributes of the existing object. I fixed some bugs related to this issue by copying original attributes before replacing the object, but probably there are still some places where I’m not copying them.

I’ll check if I can fix this on our side. I’ll keep you posted!




I’m really looking forward to it, especially now when Elefront 5 beta is out. VisualARQ + Elefront could be amazing. Fingers crossed.


I’m happy to announce that this issue has been already solved in VisualARQ 2.13. As it seems there are several users waiting for this feature, I’m merging those changes into 2.12.4, which will be released next week. I tested it with EleFront 4 and the new Elefront 5 Beta.

If there is anyone interested in testing this feature before the official release, let me know, and will send you an installer.

Best regards,



Yes, I am.

Me too!


I’m just sharing the links here, as this version is almost what we’re going to release in a couple of days if no stop-ship errors are found or reported:

Please, let us know how it works!


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Yes, please. It’s on the list, I know.
A parametric workflow looses it’s point if broken by manual work like section attributes.

I don’t know if it’s possible but…
It could be good if Elefront developers would provide “generic” or “undefined” attribute input and output in their components e.g. accessible through zoom UI. This universal slot could be used by every other plugin developer with some custom attributes. This way it could be flexible and independent from Elefront makers, so they will not be bothered with a long list of attributes some people need.

Somebody who actually knows things better can write if it’s possible at all :wink:

Thanks! After a quick test, it works! One thing that needs to be considered - referencing VA objects by Elefront’s Extended Geometry component converts them into blocks which prevents baking if given blocks are already created. However, when using the native VA Object component to reference objects it works fine, so it’s all good.

I’ve done with quick test. I’ve got two serious problems.

  1. Previous bake still remains. It’s not deleted.
  2. I sometimes get crash down


Can you upload the file? For me, it deletes previous BakeNames just fine.

Hi @archist97,

Which version of VisualARQ did you have previously installed?
Did you uninstall it before installing the new one?

I’m asking this because if you had a 2.13 (I can’t remember if I sent you a WIP version of 2.13), installing a 2.12 on top of it will not work.



Hi. Enric.
I was using unofficial 2.12.4 version. I’ve uninstalled it and then have new version installed.
It sounds like previous bake should be deleted, right?