VisualARQ + Package Manager

Are there any plans on releasing VisualARQ and/or VisualARQ Labs to the Rhino Package Manager?

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Hi Clemens, we don’t have plans to release VisualARQ to the Package Manager. We could do it with the VisualARQ Labs, but maybe it doesn’t make sense if VisualARQ is not there.

Hi Francesc,
thanks for your reply. Is there a specific reason why?

Well, VisualARQ is quite a complex plug-in, that requires its own installer, admin rights, and other details that the Package Manager can’t handle right now. We could do something to help the user download and install VisualARQ through the Package Manager, but we have other development priorities right now.

I understand. Thanks for the clarification. I think using the package manager only makes sense if VisvualARQ could be completely managed that way (install, update, uninstall). Because in my opinion the main advantage of the tool compared to food4rhino and other sites where you have to download a plugin and update it manually is the easy and out-of-the-box usability. If there is any possibility that the package manager will provide the missing functionality in the future, I would love to see VisualARQ available in the package manager.

All right, I’ll let you know if there is any news on this request.