Visualarq 2.0

Hello guys,

Since roughly the beggining of year I’ve seen some demonstrations of visualarq 2.0 and untill today nothing is on yet. When it will be avaliable for download?

I think they are waiting for Rhino 6 release!

when will rhino 6 be released???

VisualARQ will be released when it’s ready and it’s release might not coincide at all with rhino 6. The preview videos are to show some new features as they get implemented. If you are interested in the upcoming release, talk to @fsalla, the VisualARQ project manager.

Hey @fsalla , anything you can tell us about development/testing status of the upcoming 2.0?
Ie. finished the bulk of the coding and moved to internal testing and final bug squashing…?

Hi @Prehabitat, there will be a first Beta version available in a few weeks for all VisualARQ existing users. This will be the first step before we release a new Beta or the final version, that will be available for everybody.


Very looking forward to test the beta version of Visualarq 2.0. Working everyday with visualarq I start to need some of your new features…Ready to be tester

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