Wish: VisualARQ as stand-alone software


Have you considered offering VisualARQ as a stand-alone software? Not as a Rhino plugin?
I really like the clean, elegant interface of Rhino and I find that placing VisualARQ on top makes it more clumsy.
If VisualARQ would be delivered as a separate app it might have more success because users will switch from Rhino to BIM only when necessary…

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Hi @Bogdan_Chipara ,
VisualARQ requires Rhino to run. Not only because it is written on top of it, but also because it uses most of the Rhino features, Grasshopper, layouts, geometry types, file formats compatibility, commands, etc… And of course, other plug-ins to work with.

We could pack Rhino+VisualARQ in a single installer to give the feeling it is a standalone BIM software solution. But you consider this already if you don’t care to install them separately.
What do you mean by “placing VA on top of Rhino is clumsy”?

We develop VisualARQ in the way it integrates as much as possible into the Rhino interface, geometry, and commands. So you just switch from Rhino to BIM as a matter of using different tools in Rhino (in the same way you would switch from 2D curves to 3D geometry.)

Hi @fsalla,

This is an interesting idea.

In some cases I don’t want to see the VisualARQ tools or templates. I might not even draw architecture. So why even load it?

If you pack, will I be able to run Rhino without VisualARQ and Rhino+VisualARQ at the same time?

Thank you!

If you open Rhino from a Rhino template, and don’t have any VisualARQ panel open or don’t run any VisualARQ command, VisualARQ will not load. It will only load as soon as you run any command, so you can decide when to use it.

The idea of having Rhino+VisualARQ as a separate software is interesting because of workflow.
In general, when designing a building there are many variations modeled and tested. Once a version is more stable it is placed into BIM format (most of the times in Revit). The BIM file is much more “clean” and organized compared to the Rhino design. This is also because of liability issues, since the BIM is usually shared with contractor and other designers.

That’s why I’m thinking that it would be better to have a clear distinction between Rhino and VisualArq, including maybe the option of having different UI layout (since BIM technicians work in a different way than designers), different set of settings, different display settings (maybe more ready-to-print oriented) etc.

That’s interesting. But we should discuss this internally if it’s worth it or not.
Further comments or opinions on this topic will be very welcome!

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Yes, please discuss… maybe take revit or archicad layout as reference…

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I support this suggestion. Rhino is awsome, but there are too many tools that we realy don’t use on architectural projects.

You can select which toolbars are displayed or create new toolbars with selected commands.

This should come out of the box, as separate settings dedicated to bim design,my opinion…

And the solution is already here, as @inju said:

So when installing the Registry will be changed automatically with the setup…