VisualARQ - Linework is messy when print as pdf

Hi, I’m new to VA and still exploring how the documentation could be done. The issue I have now is I found the linework is quite messy when printed out as pdf. I’ve tried to print under hidden mode and using both rhino & adobe pdf option for printing but none of them works. Does anyone encounter the same issue and know what to do with this? thanks

  • btw I’m using Rhino7 if that’s the issue

Hi @a12345200017, I suspect the scale of what you are printing is not big enough to draw these lines with enough precision. However, if you increase the output resolution (dpi) of your printer, you should get better results.

Hi Francesc,
Thanks for the reply, I’ve tried both and yes, by increasing the scale to 1:50 or 1:20, it does show better and satisfied result. But as for increasing resolution, the line work still messy. Whereas I found all the windows / door / elements are drawn correctly under any scale and resolution, the issue seems only happening on the wall cut, is there any particular reason for that? and is there any solution for it? Thanks!

Also, the curve seems always break down as polylines when printed, is there any co-relationship with the issue mentioned above?

Sorry another thing, the wall style seems not supporting self-defined internal structure like timber stud, I’ve looked at some similar posts before and it seems like that’s only available after VA3? or by using GH definition can I do anything to create the wall profile with stud currently? much thanks for anyone that has the solution for this!

Hi @a12345200017 please send me ( a 3dm model with those printing issues, just ready to reproduce the same errors you have. Let me know which dpi resolution and printer you are using.

Regarding the feature of creating internal structural components for walls, we have plans to support walls for GH styles in VisualARQ 3, so you will be able to turn a GH definition into a wall style, and therefore be able to have any kind of structural subcomponents.