Line width problem in pdf printing

Hello, If I print layout to pdf, there are no thick lines of section, all lines are uniform hairline.
But in the layout screen the thickness is alright:

Can somebody help?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @mares_jaroslav,

I’m unable to reproduce this issue on a new document. Can you send me the 3DM file to



Thank you, here is the 3dm file:

lipnice VA 6.3dm


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Hi @mares_jaroslav,

I think the problem is that you’re not changing the print width of the section attributes, or the layer print width:

For example, the roof polysurface has section print width set to “By Layer”. The print width of its layer is set to “Default”, and the default print width is “Hairline” unless you change it in the print dialog.

You’re seeing thick lines in the viewport because Rhino uses a different setting for display, inside the “View > Display Modes” options:

This setting does not affect printing, only display. If you enable “Print Preview” in the viewport, you’ll see a preview of the print width on the viewport.



great, thats it, all working now!
Thank you for your fast help!

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