VisualARQ - Import IFC Property Attributes


is there some other property attribute than name which could be imported from IFC to Rhino using VisuaARQ?

I would need to get the at least an ID and one additional attribute of each model item.


Hi @ma.lo you can see all the object properties from imported an IFC file from the Parameters icon, in the Properties panel:

This is a new feature of VisualARQ 2, so make sure you have the last version.

Unfortunately so far it is not possible to get the object ID FROM ifc files. I’ll let you know when we make it checkeable.

Great News!!

Is it possible to acces those atributes programatically with a Python script?

If yes, how? Do you have some documentation?

Thanks, Martin

Martin, it is not possible right now. We need to make some adjustments to make it possible, so I’ll keep you posted.



This feature is super important.

It’s nice to see the attributes but if you work with large models and can’t work with the metadata programmatically it doesn’t bring much.

Hello, any progress with the pragmatically accessible attributes? Thanks, Martin

Hi Martin, no news about this development yet. I’ll keep this thread posted when there are an news on this topic.